A line diagonal to the grain of a fabric ? at a 45? angle (half way between vertical and horizontal) to the selvage often utilized in the cutting, folding, or arranging of fabric. In another sense, bias can be a preference or inclination of temperament or attitude, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment. This sometimes qualifies as a prejudice or an instance of it, and is sometimes described as the coloring of an opinion or point of view. In statistics, this can be a sampling or testing error caused by systematically favoring some outcomes over others.Also see align, analysis, appearance, art criticism, artistic temperament, assessment, buckskin ceiling, communicate, critique, direction, eccentric, empathy, enthusiasm, expression, interpretation, lookism, memory, motivation, oblique, obsession, positive, protractor, praise, research, sentiment, stereotype, straight, xenophilia, and xenophobia.

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