Atmospheric perspective


A device for suggesting three-dimensional depth on a two-dimensional surface, it creates a sense of distance with a blurring effect--- indistinct, misty and often more blue in color. See Aerial Perspective. Source: Kimberly Reynolds and Richard Seddon, "Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms". <br><br>Suggesting perspective in a painting with changes in tone and color between foreground and background. The background is usually blurred and hues are less intense.<br><br> Atmospheric, or aerial, perspective, is a less technical type of perspective, which consists of a gradual decrease in intensity of local color, and less contrast of light and dark, as space recedes into the far distance in a landscape painting or drawing. Often, this far distance will also be represented by a light, cool, bluish-gray. (See also perspective.)<br><br>See aerial perspective.

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