The Atelier was a short lived Montreal art school and art association founded in 1931 by John Lyman, Hazen Sise (architect 1906 ??? 1974), George Holt (painter 1902), Elizabeth Frost (painter born ?), and Andr?? Bi??ler. It is considered by many to be the first art school and art organization in Canada dedicated to modernism, artistic formalism and specifically the School of Paris. Other members included Goodridge Roberts, Edwin Holgate and Marc-Aurele Fortin. The association had two exhibitions, March ??? April 1932 and May 1933, both at the Henry Morgan Galleries. The Atelier folded after less than two years of existence, however it served the purpose of bringing contemporary like minded artists together for discussion and exhibition and paved the way for future efforts like the Eastern Group of Painters (1938) and the Contemporary Art Society (1939). Sources: ???Four Decades: The Canadian Group of Painters and Their Contemporaries, 1930 ??? 1970??? (1972), by Paul Duval; ???Canadian Painting in the Thirties??? (1975), by Charles C. Hill. All artists mentioned except those with brackets after their names have their own pages in AskART. Prepared and contributed by M.D. Silverbrooke.