Art movement


An artistic style or tendency seen in the intentions or works of a number of artists, because there is a striking similarity among the techniques, philosophy or goals they have embraced, or in the attitudes which they espouse in a (more or less) organized effort. Art movements have each thrived for a limited time ? measured in a few months, years or decades. Postmodernism has produced a dearth of movements because its adherents practice such a divergence of styles.Examples: Abstract Expressionism American Scene painting American Impressionism Art Deco Arte Povera Art Nouveau Arts and Crafts Movement Ashcan school Barbizon school Baroque Bauhaus Cobra Conceptual art Constructivism Cubism Dada Deconstructivism De Stijl Die Br?cke Earth art Expressionism Fauvism Feminist art Fluxus Futurism Impressionism Mannerism Metaphysical Painting Minimalism Modernism Neoclassicism Neo-Impressionism Photo-realism Op Art Pop Art Post-Impressionism Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Realism Romanticism Socialist Realism Social Realism Surrealism Symbolism Quote: "I believe that if it were left to artists to choose their own labels, most would choose none." Ben Shahn (1898-1969), American social realist painter. Also see aesthetics, art criticism, fashion, isms and -ism, issue, movement (action), manifesto, new media, period, school, style, theme, theory, and time, as well as the names of various religiously, philosophically, ethnically, nationally, or geographically identified cultures.