Art in americamagazine


Founded in 1913 by Frederic Fairchild Sherman, an art collector, poet and book publisher whose goal was to create a vehicle for reaching the public about American art in a way that was 'cultivated' and grounded in art history. The early issues, coinciding with the landmark Armory Show in New York City, were quarterlies, and then went from bi-monthly in its tenth year to monthly in 1979. In 1923, the title became "Art in America and Elsewhere", but that title was dropped in the late 1930s as being too cumbersome. However, the range of subjects remains 'elsewhere', meaning not confined to American art. For 34 years, Elizabeth Baker was editor, retiring in 2007. Source: Marcia E. Vetrocq, 'Editor's Letter', "Art in America", September 2008, p.30.