Art critic


Among those in art careers, a person who describes, analyzes, interprets, evaluates, and expresses judgments of the merits, faults and value of artworks. One who produces art criticism.Art about art critics: Artists have depicted many specific art critics favorably, but artists seem rarely to have portrayed them as a group in a complimentary way.About art critics: "CRITIC, n: One who boasts of being 'hard to please' because nobody tries to please him." Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), American writer. The Cynic's Word Book, also known as The Devil's Dictionary, 1906. "PAINTING, n: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic." Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), American writer. The Cynic's Word Book, also known as The Devil's Dictionary, 1906.Important art critics: John Ruskin (English, 1819-1900) Charles Baudelaire (French, 1821-1867) Roger Fry (English, 1866-1934) Guillaume Apollinaire (French, 1880-1918) Walter Benjamin (German, 1892-1940) Harold Rosenberg (American, 1906-1978). Also see Abstract Expressionism. Clement Greenberg (American, 1909-1994). Among the greatest art critics of the 20th century, Greenberg was also one of the most vilified. Here is a site containing essays by and about the man and his work. Also see Abstract Expressionism and kitsch. Ernst H. Gombrich (English, 1909-2001) Michel Tapi? (French, 1909-1987) Roland Barthes (French, 1915-1980) Thomas B. Hess (American, 1920-1978) Arthur C. Danto (American, 1924-) Michel Foucault (French, 1926-1984) Hilton Kramer (American, 1928-) Jean Baudrillard (French, 1929-) Milan Kundera (1929-) Pierre Restany (French, 1930-2003) Henry Geldzahler (Belgian, 1935-1994) Lucy R. Lippard (American, 1937-) Robert Hughes (Australian-American, 1938-) Germano Celant (Italian, 1940-) Rosalind Krauss (born Epstein) (American, 1941-) Peter Schjeldahl (American, 1942-) Kathy Acker (American, 1947-1997) Douglas Crimp (American, contemporary) Hal Foster (American, contemporary) Michael Fried (American, contemporary) Michael Kimmelman (American, contemporary) Donald B. Kuspit (American, contemporary) Martha Rosler (American, contemporary) I apologize that this is a very limited, very tentative list ? a list just begun, leaving numerous important art critics off the list. Return to find refinements soon! -MRD

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