A rigid framework, often wood or steel, used to support a sculpture or other large work while it is being made.<br><br>A construction made of wood, light or heavy metal wire, bars or piping or any other suitably rigid material to support the wet clay, wet plaster or other soft and pliable mixed media materials used by a sculptor to model or construct a sculpture.<br><br>A skeleton-like framework to give rigid internal support to a modeled sculpture. Such sculptures are typically of either clay or wax. Armature wire used to build an armature is available in various gauges. A basic linear form in wire can be made with poultry screen or padded with wood or paper if appropriate. The medium is modeled directly onto the armature.An example of a work in which an armature was used: Annibale Fontana (Italian, Milan, 1540(?)-87), Adoring Angel, 1583-84, wax with metal armature on wooden base, height (with base) 21 3/4 inches (55.2 cm), Los Angeles County Museum of Art.Also see papier-m?ch? and statue.