Animal artist


This term could have either of two meanings: an artist who makes art about animals, or an artist who / which is an animal. Monkeys, elephants, and other animals have been "making art" since the end of the 19th century. Approximately 30 elephants currently paint in American zoos, and their works are avidly collected, although rarely if ever by any mainstream art museum. When some of the central questions to consider in the study of art are: "Who is an artist?" "What is serious art?" and "What are the imposed and potential roles of art?" It is important to consider what these animals are capable of doing. Artists and critics who have expressed opinions on the subject of animal artists include Peter Blake, Salvador Dal?, H. W. Janson, Willem de Kooning, Joan Mir?, and Meyer Shapiro.Examples: A photo of the Elephant Juttano painting in her outdoor studio. Komar & Melamid's Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project. Vitaly Komar may or may not be joking when he says, "Elephants are much better than human abstract artists. They're innocent and not corrupted by the art market. The best ones can concentrate all their intellectual power and aesthetic preferences on a single piece."