Acrylic paint plastic colors


Water-resistant paint made by mixing pigment in a solution of polymer resin. These paints or colors are also called Plastic Colors to distinguish them from Polymer Paints, which are dispersed in water. Advantages of Acrylic Paints are that they do not yellow nor fade; they dry quickly, have much durability and adhesive qualities, and are easy to remove with turpentine. A disadvantage is that they dry so quickly that subtle mixing of colors cannot occur, and they are hard on brushes. Acrylic Paints are sold commercially as Magna Colors. They are combined with Magna Varnish, a sealing solution that protects each coat so the highly soluble Magna Colors can be overpainted. Sources: Ralph Mayer, "A Dictionary of Art Terms"; Kimberley Reynolds and Richard Seddon, "Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms"