Emphasis given to certain elements in a painting that allows the work to attract more attention; it can also refer to the details that define an object or piece of art. Source:, permission of Michael Delahunt<br><br>A detail, brushstroke, or area of color placed in a painting for emphasis.<br><br>In design, a distinctive feature or quality, such as a feature that accentuates or complements a decorative style. In line drawing, accenting lines is the gradual increase or decrease in the weight or thickness of lines as produced by a pencil or similar medium by the amount of pressure exerted on it while drawing. Accenting should not be confused with shading ? the filling in of areas to represent shadow. Accenting refers only to lines used for the contours or outlines in the drawing of a subject. Generally, lines representing the nearest parts of a subject are accented most boldly. Also see compare, value, and gradation.