Academy academie delacluse


Regarded as one of the more reactionary, leading edge ateliers in Paris, it was located in the Rue Notre Dame des Champs in Montparnasse. The founder was painter Auguste Joseph Delecluse (1855-1928). Primary teachers were Delecluse, Georges Callot and Paul Delance. By the early 20th century, this academie was diminishing as an influence. Among American artists who studied there are Guy Rose, Alson Skinner Clark, John Marin, Jean Mannheim and Gustave Cimiotti. The school should not be confused with the Academie Delecluze, also likely to have been located in Montparnasse but much less known than the Academie Delacluse, and founded by Eugene Delecluze, French painter and etcher who was born in 1882. Sources: Peter Hastings Falk, "Who Was Who in American Art", p. 36;; AskART database